Sunday, October 13, 2013

qtbase/configure not found. Did you forget to run "init-repository"?

You probably did the same thing I did. Hit the "Download" button to download Qt5 source.
# ./configure -developer-build -opensource
/.../qt5/qtbase/configure not found. Did you forget to run "init-repository"?
# init-repository
-bash: init-repository: command not found
# ls qtbase
total 0
Solution: use git to pull Qt5 so you'll have init-repository
# git clone git:// qt5
# init-repository
# ./configure -developer-build -opensource

Friday, November 16, 2012

Blogger Error : We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.

I was trying to point my GoDaddy domain to Blogger/Blogpost base on google returned instructions. Here is a decent one. 

Adding CNAME through GoDaddy Zone File editor went smoothly. I then proceed to Blogger->Setting->Basic->Publish->Advance Settings and put in my support .ME domain. Then I got the following error:

Just add another CNAME entry right? No big deal? GoDaddy Zone File Editor popped an error dialog with no error. Strange. The entry never made it into the zone file. Removed the dot at the end of got past the error.

Hour later after I updated my GoDaddy CNAME, I went back to blogger, repeat steps, and everything went through this time with my .ME domain.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

R_ARM_TLS_LE32 relocation not permitted in shared object

Environment: Linux, C, ARM, cross compile, Makefile

Friday I was taking two 3rd party static libraries, add an API layer around it, and repackage it into a shared library.  This shared library will allow us to be vendor agnostic and swap in and out with other implementations as necessary.

All was working as planned until I ran into the following compile warning: (The so library still compiled.)

libc.a(malloc.o)(.text+0xe0): R_ARM_TLS_LE32 
   relocation not permitted in shared object

When I tried to include library statically, it pulled in the static C library into my shared library.  The static C library contains relocations that cannot be used in a shared library.

Some online article suggested recompiling the gcc with the "--disable-libmudflap" will fix the problem.

For me, I just need to link the libc dynamic instead of shared.  So in my LDFLAGS, I added -Wl -Bstatic in front of my two static libs and -Wl -Bdynamic afterward.  Problem solved.